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Important Questions

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Dear Faculty/Children,

I am Ravi Kiran, Working as a Post Graduate Teacher (Information Technology) in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya and have been teaching Computer Science.

I am interested in teaching and I have passion toteach. So I planned to continue my career as a teacher (which is noblest profession in the world). I have great concern for my subject ie Computer Science.

I have planned to prepare a study material so as to help the students in preparing especially for exams. With that good interest, as my first attempt, I started preparing XII class Chapter Wise Old Questions (from 1998 to 2008). XII class Computer Science (Paper code: 083) Consists 14 Chapters. In this very material, I prepared Old Questions from 9 chapters. I am planning to complete the remaining 5 chapters too.

I have an interest to prepare Chapter Wise Material also. For that as an attempt, I prepared material for chapter 5 ie Constructors and Destructors. I have added that material too in this book. Please go through that and give me some feed back. I deserve for your feedback. Your feedback will becomes a catalyst for me in preparing material for the remaining chapters. If you too prepare any material or any soft copy is there with you related to computer science paper, please send me.

I feel that I gave answers accurately (to the best of my knowledge), but if you find any typing erros, or any better solugion, or any suggestions, Please send me. I feel very happy if you send some suggestions. If any of you have any doubt in subject, you can fell free to contact me at any time.

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Paper By Mr. M.Ravi Kiran