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Important Questions

CBSE Guess > Papers > Important Questions > Class XII > 2009 > Chemistry > Chemistry By Mr. Vivek Yadav


Q. 1. Define the term bio molecules?

Q. 2. Amino acids are the building blocks of……………….

Q. 3. The molecular weight of proteins is…………………..

Q. 4. Deficiency of vitamin A results in……………………

Q. 5. Charring of sugar is due to

Q. 6. Define Monosaccharides?

Q. 7. What is the difference between Reducing and non-reducing sugars or carbohydrates?

Q. 8. Explain the term mutarotation?

Q. 9. Define glycosidic linkage?

Q. 10. What are the main sources of vitamins?

Q. 11. Give two methods for the preparation of glucose?

Q. 12. Define Carbohydrates? Give their basic classification depending upon their behaviour towards hydrolysis.

Q. 13. What is Milk sugar? Give its characteristics.

Q. 14. Define the term vitamins? State its importance.

Q. 15. What do you understand by denaturation of proteins?

Q. 16. Write a short note on cellulose and give its chemical structure.

Q. 17. Give a short note on Zwitter ion?

Q. 18. How are peptides formed. Show the formation of a peptide bond with the help of a diagram.

Paper By Mr. Vivek Yadav