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CBSE Important Questions

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Function Group I

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  1. Write the structural formulae of given alcohol : 2,2,4-trimethylhexan-2-ol.
  2. How many primary alcohols are represented by the formulae C5H11OH
  3. Maximum number of active hydrogen atoms are present in which compound.
  4. Out of phenol and phenate ion, which is more resonance stabilized.
  5. Give the one use of phenol.
  6. Give one property of phenol
  7. What is Jone’s reagent.
  8. Is Isobutyl alcohol a secondary alcohol?
  9. How will you distinguish between 1-phenylethanol & 2 phenyl ethanol?
  10. What is meant by esterification reaction & is highly reversible
  11. How will you distinguish between primary and secondary alcohol.
  12. How will you convert:
    i. Glycerol to allyl alcohol.
    j. Ethene to 1,2 ethanediol
  13. Give the equation of reaction of glycerol with hydroiodic acid and nitric acid
  14. How will you distinguish between the following pairs by chemical reaction
    a. 1-propanol & 2 propanol
    b. phenol and methanol
    c. phenol and benzyl alcohol
  15. What happens when phenol is treated with neutral ferric chloride solution.
  16. How is phenol prepared from: i. Benzene ii. Aniline iii. Benzenesulphonic acid
  17. Why phenol is more acidic than ethanol.
  18. Account for the acidic character of phenol
  19. Nitration of phenol give ortho or para products only. Give reason.
  20. How is ethanol prepared by hydration & how will it be distinguished from ethanol.
  21. An organic compound (A) C3H8O give positive iodoform test, on treatment with excess of conc. Sulphuric acid gives a compound (B) which on treatment with HBr give (C). (C) when dissolved in ether & treated with sodium gives (D). Identify (A) to (D) with proper reasoning.
  22. Write short notes on:
    a. Alcoholic fermentation
    b. Coupling reaction
  23. Give reason for the following statements:
    a. 2-butene is the major product when 2 – butanol is heated with conc. Sulphuric acid.
    b. Boiling point of glycerol is much higher than that of n-butyric acid having comparable molecular mass.
    c. Glycerol is much more viscous than ethyl alcohol.
    d. Cyclohexanol gives bromocyclohexane, when refluxed with HBr whereas phenol does not.
    e. Picric acid is a stronger acid than phenol.
  24. Discuss briefly 2 methods by which primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols be distinguished.
  1. Solid State
  2. Solutions
  3. Electrochemistry
  4. Chemical Kinetics
  5. P Blocks Element
  6. D and F Block Elements
  7. Coordination Compound
  8. Nuclear Chemistry
  9. Stereochemistry
  10. Functional Group I
  11. Polymers
  12. Biomolecules
  13. Chemistry In Everyday Life
  14. Practice Paper 1
  15. Practice Paper 2
  16. Practice Paper 3


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