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CBSE Important Questions

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Chemistry In Everyday Life

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  1. Define Carbon Fibers
  2. What are the main causes for developing carbon fiber?
  3. What is carbon fiber reinforced carbon?
  4. In how many categories made regarding the application of carbon fibers.
  5. What is meant by ceramics?
  6. What is meant by propellant? Classify them?
  7. Describe the following:
    (a). Double base propellant
    (b). Hybrid propellant
    (c). Monoliquid Propellant
  8. Discuss the role of Redox phenomenon in the context of rocket propellants.
  9. What is meant by pheromones?
  10. What are the two groups found in detergents?
  11. Give the structure of sodiumalkyulbenzenesulphonates
  12. What is meant by soap less soap?
  13. Write a short notes on detergent.
  14. What is the major drawback with chemical insecticides?
  15. Differentiate between anionic and cationic detergents.
  16. Why the cleansing action of synthetic detergents not disturbed by hard water
  17. Describe cleansing action of detergents.
  1. Solid State
  2. Solutions
  3. Electrochemistry
  4. Chemical Kinetics
  5. P Blocks Element
  6. D and F Block Elements
  7. Coordination Compound
  8. Nuclear Chemistry
  9. Stereochemistry
  10. Functional Group I
  11. Polymers
  12. Biomolecules
  13. Chemistry In Everyday Life
  14. Practice Paper 1
  15. Practice Paper 2
  16. Practice Paper 3


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