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CBSE Important Questions

CBSE Guess > Papers > Important Questions > Class XI > 2011 > Economics > Economics By Mr. Mohammed Aslam


Indian Economic Development (Questions with Answers)

  1. What are the three pillars of economic reforms?(1 Marks)
  2. What do you mean by privatization? (1 Marks)
  3. What is 'poverty line’?( 1 Marks)
  4. What do you mean by under employment? (1 Marks)
  5. What is the present growth rate of Indian economy?( 1 Marks)
  6. Discuss the important features of India’s demography during the British period?( 3 Marks)
  7. Discuss the green revolution and its consequences.(3 Marks)
  8. What are the causes of poverty in India?(3 Marks)
  9. Discuss the importance of non- farming employment? OR Identify some major challenges of power sector in India?3 Marks
  10. How do you explain seasonal unemployment in agricultural?(3 Marks)
  11. What are the common goals of Indian five year plans?(4 Marks)
  12. Which are the important sources of human capital formation? OR What are the similarities and dissimilarities between physical capital and human capital?(4 Marks)
  13. Distinguish between renewable resources and non renewable resources. Give examples. Distinguish between commercial energy and non commercial energy. Give examples for both.(2+2=4 Marks)
  14. “Earth provides everything for every man’s but not for every man’s greed” interpret this famous statement of Gandhiji. (6 Marks)
  15. “Twenty first century will be the Asian century”-Manmohan Singh. Comment your opinion about these words.OR Compare the demographic features of India, China, and Pakistan(6 Marks)
  16. Discuss the gains and pains of globalization. (6 Marks)


  1. liberalization, privatization and globalization (1 Marks)
  2. Privatization means disinvestment other words it implies giving away ownership of government enterprises to private companies. (1 Marks)
  3. It is the cut-off point which divides population as poor and non-poor. (1 Marks)
  4. Underemployment refers to people who are working in a lower capacity than they are qualified for, including in a lower-paid job or for less hours than they would like to work. (1 Marks)
  5. 8.9% (Give mark around 9%) (1 Marks)
  6. Important features of India’s demography during the British period
    • Population 35 core.
    • Literacy level less than 16%
    • Poor health facilities
    • Mortality rate very high
    • Life expectancy 32 years.
    • Any relevant answers. 1x3=(3 Marks)
  1. It’s based on new agricultural strategy increased agricultural productivity and production.
    • Positive
      • Self sufficient in food
      • Reduced dependence on imports
      • Reduce price of foods
      • Any relevant answers.
    • Negative
      • Increase The inequality
      • Adversely effected the health
      • Any relevant answers. 1+1+1=(3 Marks)
    • Low income
    • Lack of asset
    • Unemployment
    • Inflation
    • Any relevant answers.1x3=(3 Marks)
    • Low investment
    • Rural development
    • More employment opportunity
    • Any relevant answers
    • Our installed capacity for power generation is low.
    • Power supply is not stable
    • Electricity boards are very inefficient organization
    • Any relevant answers 1x3=(3 Marks)
    • Agriculture is a seasonal occupation
    • During between the periods are unemployed.
    • (Explanation with example) 1x3=(3 Marks)
    • Modernization
    • Growth
    • Self reliance
    • Equity
    • Employment
    • Any four with explanation 1x4=(4 Marks)
    • Education
    • Health
    • On-the-job training
    • Migration
    • Information
    • Any other relevant answer
    • Any four with explanation. 1x4=(4 Marks)



    Both forms of capital formation



    Both can mobile

    Social process

    Technological process

    Both depreciate with time




    Not Separate from owner

    Separate from owner


    Any other

    Any other

    2+2 =(4 Marks)

Renewable resources

Non renewable resources

Not exhaustible


Replaceable resources

Non replaceable

May be unlimited supply

Limited supply

Eg: water can be recycled and used again

Eg: oil, iron ore etc

Commercial energy

Non commercial energy

It used for commercial purpose

It used for non commercial activates

Its mainly energy resources

Self purpose

Non renewable resources

renewable resources

Eg: coal, petrol

Eg: fuel wood, agricultural waste.

2+2=(4 Marks)

    • Present economic growth of asian countries
    • The role of asian economy in the world economy
    • Major challenges of asian economy
    • Indian, china economical development in past, present and feature. 2+2+2=(6 Marks)
      Explain the following table,

    Demographic indicator(2009)








    Population growth




    Sex ratio




    Fertility ratio




    Any other relevant answers

    2+2+2=(6 Marks) .

    • Economic reforms
    • Meaning of globalization
    • Consequences of globalization
    • Positive and negative things (give marks according to evaluation of globalization policy). 1x6=(6 Marks)

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