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CBSE Important Questions

CBSE Guess > Papers > Important Questions > Class XI > 2010 > Maths > Maths By Mr. Anil Kumar Tondak


Complex Nos. & Quadratic Equations

Q.1. Show that:
(a) 1 + i2 + i4 + i6 = 0
(b) ( 1 + i)8 ( 1 + 1/i)8 = 256

Q.2. Prove that:

Q.3. Simplify:
( a)
( b)

Q.4. Express each one of the following in the standard form a + ib.
(i) (ii) (iii)

Q.5. Express

Q.6. Represent

Q.7. Express the following expression in the form of (a + ib):

Q.8. Prove that the following complex numbers are purely real:

Q.9. Reduce to the standard form.

Q.10. Express the following complex numbers in the standard form. Also, find their conjugate:
(i) (ii)

Q.11. Find the conjugates of the following complex numbers:
(i) (ii) (iii)

Q.12. Write the following complex numbers in the polar form:
(i) -3+ 3i (ii) -1 – i

Q.13. Find the modulus and principal argument of – 2 i.

Q.14. Find the modulus of .

Q.15. Find the modulus and argument of the following complex numbers and hence express each of them in the polar form:
(i) (ii)

Q.16. Find conjugate and modulus of

Q.17. Find the conjugate of

Q.18. Find the conjugate of (3 - 2t) (2 + 3t) / (1 + 2t ) (2 - t)

Q.19. Show that if

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