Tuesday 26th October 2021
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Good Night SMS

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Good Night SMS Collection

The greatest gift u can give 2 sum1 is your time. B’coz when u give sum1 ur time.
You’re givin them a portion of life that U never get back.
Good Night Friend
Good Night SMS

Dont ever give up wen u r down..it doesnt matter if u fall many tyms..jst remember that each time u fall ..il nvr let u reach d ground..trust me..il always be around.gudnyt..
Good Night SMS

Dont ever give up when you are down..
it doesnt matter if u fall many tyms..
just remember that each time u fall ..
i’ll nvr let u reach d ground..
trust me..i’ll always be around.
Good Night SMS

hide my tears when I say ur name, But the pain in my heart is still the same. Although I smile & seem carefree, there’s no one who miss U more than me.
Good Night & Sweet Dream.
Good Night SMS

Money can buy a house not home,
A bed but not sleep, medicine but not health,
Money is dirty, it only cause pain & suffering.
SEND me all UR MONEY & BE HAPPY. Good Night.
Good Night SMS

My day may be hectic. My schedule may be tight.
But I would never let the day end without saying good night.
Sweet dreams...
Good Night SMS

As u go 2 bed 2night, I ordered bats 2 guard u tight. I told some ghosts to dance in white,
& 2 make sure u r alryt,
i’LL ask the dracula 2 kiss ur neck goodnight..
Good Night SMS

somewhere out there beneath the pale moon light someone think in of u some where out there where dreams come true... goodnite & sweet dreams 2 you.
Good Night SMS

Do not count what u have lost.
Just see what u have now,
because past never comes back
but sometimes future can give
u back ur lost things! ‘good night‘.
Good Night SMS

Never blame a day in ur life.
Good days give u happiness.
Bad days give u experience.
Both are essential in life!
All are Gods blessings!
good night.
Good Night SMS

Art of living:
First of all,dont make friends.
if made,dont go close to them.
if gone,dont like them.
if liked,then plz.. dont leave them.
Good Night, sweet dreams…

Good Night SMS

Good night my very special friend,
I pray you lay in rest,
And may tomorrow bring you
Much love and happiness.
Do not think of me…i m in ur eyes, in ur heart
Good Night

Good Night SMS

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