Tuesday 26th October 2021
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Good Night SMS

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Good Night SMS Collection

Notice ur phone got heavier with this message ? it contains load of love. affection and prayers to keep u happy n safe. Have a nive sleep Good nite!
Good Night SMS

12 ’ . 9 !/ 3 ’ . 6 . ’ . ’ 12 ’ . 9 !_ 3 ’ . 6 . ’ . ’ 12 ’ . 9 _! 3 ’ . 6 . ’ still awake? Time to sleep, GOOD NITE+SLEEP TIGHT+SWEET DREAMZ!!!
Good Night SMS

Welcome aboard2 "Sweet Dreams" airline,
All passengers on bed, hug ur pillows
As the flight will be leaving soon 2dream land.
Enjoy ur time GOOD’NITE!
Good Night SMS

Hal kaysa hai Janab ka,
Kya khayal hai aap ka,
Hum to Sou gaye ho ho ho.
Tum bhi Sou jawo ha ha ha.
Good Night!!
Good Night SMS

Let ur eye lashes hug each other for few hours.
Happy journey into the world of dreams..
Good Night SMS

The night is silent but I can’t sleep. Maybe because I am waiting for my cell phone to beep. Before I dream, what I want is get your message and read.
Good Night SMS

Saying gudnite is not just putting
an end to a day.Its a way of saying ,
I remember u before i go 2 sleep.
Hope u can fel the care that goes with it….
Good Night SMS

sleepy msg for a sleepy person
from a sleepy friend
for a sleepy reason
at a sleepy time
on the sleepy day
in a sleepy mood
to say please sleep
“good night”

Good Night SMS

Hey u!!! Yes u... the cute one... holding this phone! are you asleep? Juste wanted 2 say Good Night..!
Good Night SMS

Touch ur heart;
Close ur eyes;
Make a wish;
Say GoodNight;
Sky so wide,
Stars so bright,
Turn off the lights,
and say Good Night....
Good Night SMS

we’ve been thru a path so dark,
but we stil gotten dat special spark,
now we noe dat we can neva go rong,
my luv fer u wil neva b gone.
Good Night SMS

DUNIA me reh k sapnon main kho jao,
KISI KO apna banalo YA kisi k ho jao,
AGAR kuch bhi nahi hota to DON’T WORRY,
chadar-takiya lo aur so jao.
Good Night.
Good Night SMS

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