Monday 08th August 2022
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Lohri SMS

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Lohri SMS Collection

I wish that the rhythms of this joyous festival fill your heart with loads of happiness and merriment.
Lohri SMS

Wishing you a bounteous harvest and a happy celebration on Lohri.
Lohri SMS

Na zubaan se, na nigaahon se,
na dimaag se, na rango se,
na greetings se, na gits se..
Aapko Haapy Lohri
Direct DilSe!!
Lohri SMS

A prayer bless your way..
A wish to enlighten your moments..
A cheer to perfect your day..
A text to say Happy Lohri!!
Lohri SMS

Hath wich mungfli,
muh wich reodi,
la ke ghut thodi thodi,
fer bolo.....
Lohri SMS

Makki de roti te sarson da saag,
nachde ne saare te vich baldi aag,
dhol di awaaj te nachdi mutiyaar,
Mubaarak hove sarkaar Lohri da tyohaar.
Lohri SMS

Makki di roti, nimbu da achaar,
suraj diyaan kirna, khushiyaan di bahaar,
chaand di chandni, te apneyan da pyaar,
Mubaarak hove ek Lohri da tyohaar.
Lohri SMS

lohri manate hai punjabi,
isme magan hote hai sarabi,
log na kar sake kabhi in sarbiyo ki barabri,
bolo kaisa laga sahab ji.
Lohri SMS

pachis ki teek pachas ka dhakka,
lohri di vadhaiya lakha lakha.
happy lohri
Lohri SMS

"Don’t Judge Each Day
By The Harvest You Reap
But By The Seeds That You Plant."

Wish You a Happy Lohri.
Lohri SMS

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Phir a Gayi Bhangre ki bari,Lohri Manane ki karo Taiyari,Aag ke pass
Lohri SMS

Let the Vibrancy and color of
Lohri brighten up your Life.
Happy Lohri
Lohri SMS

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