Tuesday 20th April 2021
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Friendship SMS

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Friendship SMS Collection

Rishton ki dori kamzor hoti hai,
Aankhon ki baatein dil ki chor hoti hai,

Khuda ne jab bhi pucha dosti ka matlab,
Hamari ungli aapki taraf hoti hai.

Happy Friendship Day.
Friendship SMS

Friendship is not history 2 forget
Friendship is not maths 2 calculate
Friendship is not english 2 learn
its only chemical locha dont try to
understand it just enjoy it
Friendship SMS

Zindagi ke tufano ka sahil hai teri dosti,
Dil ke armano ki manzil hai teri dosti,

Zindagi ban jaye jannat agar,
Maut ane tak sath rahe teri yeh dosti.
Friendship SMS

Good friends are like tom & jerry
sometimes crap keeps them apart,

but they always come back together!
send this to all your favourite buddies..
Friendship SMS

I must have been born under a lucky star,
to find a friend as nice as you are.

I will follow the rainbow to the end ,
if you promise to remain my friend !!!
Friendship SMS

A day is going to end again.
It is nice to have a friend like U
making my everyday seems so great.
Thank U my good friend lastly
good night n sweet dreams…
Friendship SMS

True friends see u true,
Believe in things u want to do,

Feel glad when ur dreams r true,
Best of all they dont judge u,

They simply love u coz u r u
Friendship SMS

Ap ki nigah agar meharban ho jai
Main jis zameen pe hoon wo asman ho jai

Hai ab bhi aap ko shak mere dosti per
To phir ik baar mera imtehan ho jai
Friendship SMS

Both friends will think da other is busy & will not contact, thinking it may be disturbing
As time passes both will think let da other contact
After dat each will think Y shud I contact 1st
Here U’R Love will be converte
Friendship SMS

Gate of memories will never close,
How much we miss our freinds nobody knows,
will pass like years,days
And we will remeber those memories like silent tears.
Friendship SMS

Friendship is about writting
where wind blows it and forget,
CARVING the BENEFITS in the STONE and never 4get.
Friendship SMS

When it hurts to look back,
and you are scared to look ahead,
you can look beside you
your best friend will be there
Friendship SMS

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