Friday 23rd February 2024
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Eid Mubarak SMS

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Eid Mubarak SMS Collection

When my arms can�t
reach people close to my heart.
I always hug them with my prayers.
May allah�s peace be with you.
A very happy eid mubarak 2 U.
Eid Mubarak SMS

May the blessings of Allah
fill your life with happiness
and open all the doors of success
now and always.
Eid Mubarak
Eid Mubarak SMS

When the sun has set, and day is done
I�ll break this chain, but only one.
By the end of Ramadan,
It�s time for Eid and lots of fun!!!
Eid Mubarak SMS

Before the Golden Sun Rise,
let me decorate each of the Rays
with Wishes of Success,
prosperous and Happiness
4 u and 4 ur Family.

Happy Eid Mubarak.
Eid Mubarak SMS

Eid Mubarke, Eid Mubarke
Our Eid has come
To bring us peace
To bring us love
To charish our life
It is the time
We muslims came together
Shoulder to shoulder
It is the time
We muslims share
Share our love
Share believe
Eid Mubarke, Eid Mubarke
Eid Mubarak SMS

Like the colour of silver,
in the night sky,
the new moon rises,
the holy month has past,
the fasting is over,
tomorrow is the great feast of Eid-ul-Fitr.

We will eat spicy chicken,
and mouthwatering pakoras,
I�ll call my neighbours,
and frien
Eid Mubarak SMS

A time for joy,
a time for togetherness,
a time to remember my blessings..

For me� it�s you!

May Allah Bless you &
Give u all the joy u bring to my life!
Eid Mubarak SMS

May you be guided by
your faith in Allah
shine in his divine blessings!
Eid Mubarak
Eid Mubarak SMS

Sending warm wishes
across the miles�
Just to let you know
how much you are missed on
Eid Mubarak SMS

celebration ..!!

EID Mubarak !!
Eid Mubarak SMS

Rabb kare tu sada hasdi rahe,
koi dukh tere nere vi na aave,
hor ki dua manga rabb to,
tenu sadi vi umar lag jaave!!!
Eid Dian Mubarakan Hoon Tanu
Eid Mubarak SMS

Deep jaltay jagmagatay rahay,
Hum apko aap hamain yaad aatay rahay,

Jub tuk zindagi hai, yeh dua hai hamari,
Aap eid k chand ki tarah jagmagatay raho.

Eid Mubarak SMS

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