Saturday 13th April 2024
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Getwell Soon SMS Collection

You Mean A Lot To Me . . .
And So Does Your Health And Happiness . . .
So Here"S A Wish To Say . . .

& Take Good Care Of Yourself !!
Getwell Soon SMS

Heard You Were Feeling Out Of A Quack . . . .
Hope You Are Up & Splashing Soon.
Getwell Soon SMS

I Very Well Know The Reason,
Why U R Taking Too Long To Recover,
U R Realy Being Nurse-D There.
Joke A Part, But Still,
Wishing U Speedy Recovery
Getwell Soon SMS

May U May Not Get Well That Soon.

So That U Are Able To Enjoy The
Company Of The Demsels And Get Injected At Regular Intervals With The Vial Of Life!

So Would U Call Me Your Enemy Or Ur Well Wisher?

Please Tell Me Even I Don’t Know.
Getwell Soon SMS

You are feeling down
and so am i with u NOT around.
Hope you get back in
the swing of things real soon.
Getwell Soon SMS

Heard that you�re not feeling well.
So brought flowers for you to
make you feel Healthier and Happier.
Get Well Soon!
Getwell Soon SMS

Why you chose this particular time to get sick,
Seems to us an insensitive choice.
So don’t be so selfish; don’t be a sloth;
Come back so we all can rejoice!
We Miss You!
Getwell Soon SMS

Let�s Go, Get Up, Stop Faking It;
Get Your Sorry Behind Off That Bed.
Try Positive Thinking To Get Back To Work.
Your Illness Is All In Your Head!
At Least That�s What We Hope.
Looking Forward To Your Return.

Get Well Soon.
Getwell Soon SMS

Gandhi Bapu Ne Bola He-
agaR TmhaRe Kisi Dost Ki Tabiat Kharab Ho Tou Use Ek Bookey Do Aur Kaho.

Get Well Soon Mamu....
Getwell Soon SMS

I hope you’re feeling better,
I miss you every day.
I’m always thinking of you,
So this is what I say,
Get Well Soon!
Getwell Soon SMS

Get well quick, u lazy bum,
There�s lots of work to do.
If u stay sick, it�s more work for me,
And I�d rather it was for u.

Getwell Soon SMS

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