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Educational Multimedia Research Centre, Kolkata

History :
Educational Multimedia Research Centre, St. Xavier’s Autonomous College, Calcutta was established by the University Grants Commission in 1986. Production started in 1987 with a set of equipment and a skeletal staff of six persons.

The programmes had a definite purpose. They were meant to update, upgrade and enrich the educational scenario in the country. This was essential because there is a lot of disparity between the education imparted in the rural areas of India and that in the cities. For example in the cities educational institutions have adequate facilities – libraries, laboratories and teachers; but they are a far cry in the villages. It is not possible to bring the rural students to the cities. But if one can take some of the urban facilities to the rural areas through television, it would benefit a large number of rural students. This was the basic objective of University Grants Commission behind the setting up educational programme production centres. These programmes were not meant to replace the classroom and the teachers. These programmes were not meant to reproduce the textbooks in a video format. They were meant to go beyond the textbooks, to update, upgrade and enrich the teachers and students. They were meant to be programmes with a multidisciplinary approach.

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