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Anna Institute of Management, Chennai

Anna Institute of management (AIM) is registered as a society under Societies Registration Act,1975.It is sponcered by the Government of Tamil Nadu.It started functioning from 1981.

The main objects of AIM are :

-To impart knowledge and skills to prospective and practising managers and administrators.

-To assist in the application of management concepts and techniques through consultancy and extension services.

-To disseminate knowledge on management through seminars,conferences,journals,etc.

-To carry out research with a view to developing knowledge in management relavent to Indian conditions.

-In their G.O. on Training Policy, Government have declared AIM as nodal institution for training in the State as also training consultant to Government, our activities include:

-Training for the officers of the Government of India, Tamil Nadu and other States and also Public Sector Undertakings.

-Govt. of India sanction all India level training programmes for IAS officer. Besides, Govt. of India are also funding quite a few programmes every year for AIM.

-Consultancy both for Indian and International bodies like State Finance Commission, Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) etc.

-Tamil Nadu Govt., and Union Agriculture Ministry have recognised AIM as the nodal Institute for training and research in Disaster Management.

-Leading State Government Public Sector Organisations like Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation, Tamil Nadu Cements Corporation, etc., are our Donor Members.

Contact Information of Anna Institute of Management

P.S. Kumarasamy Raja Salai (Greenways Road)
Chennai - 600 028.


24938247 / 24937170

[email protected]