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CBSE Computer Science - Revision Tour(Solved)

CBSE Guess > eBooks > Class XII > CBSE Computer Science Communication And Network Concepts Solved Revision Tour By Mr. Ravi Kiran


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DELHI 2008:

  1. What is a Hub?


  1. Expand the following terms with respect to Networking:
    1. MODEM
    2. WLL
    3. FTP
    4. TCP/IP


  1. How is Coaxial cable different from Optical Fibre?


  1. “Bias methodologies” is planning to expand their network in India, starting with three cities in India to build infrastructure for research and development of their chemical products. The company has planned to setup their main office in Pondicherry – at three different locations and have named their offices as “Back Office”, “Research Lab” and “Development Unit”. The company has one more Research office namely “Corporate Office” in “Mumbai”. A rough layout of the same is as follows:

Approximate distance between these offices is as follows:

From    To Distance
Research Lab Back Office 111 Mtr
Research Lab Development Unit 16 KM
Research Lab Corporate Unit 1800 KM
Back Office Development Uni 13 KM

In continuation of the above , the company experts have planned to install the following number of computers in each of their offices:

Research Lab 158
Back Office 79
Development Unit 90
Corporate Unit 51
  1. Suggest the kind of network required (out of LAN, MAN, WAN) for connecting each of the following office units:
    1. Research Lab and Back Office
    2. Research Lab and Development Unit
  1. Which one of the following devices will you suggest for connecting all the computers with in each of their office units?
    1. Switch/Hub
    2. Modem
    3. Telephone
  1. Which of the following communication media, you will suggest to be procured by the company for connecting their local office units in Pondicherry for very effective (High Speed) communication?
    1. Telephone cable
    2. Optical Fibre
    3. Ethernet Cable
    4. Suggest a cable/wiring layout for connecting the company’s local office units located in Pondicherry. Also, suggest an effective method/technology for connecting the company’s office unit located in Mumbai.


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CBSE Computer Science Solved Revision Tour By Mr. Ravi Kiran ( [email protected] )