Why to Choose React Native for the Development of an Application?

You can see that web and mobile development technologies are racing to improve their performance. Nowadays app development becomes easier and faster to execute. But sometimes creating an app is not easy. It is a tough task to make apps and also very expensive. So companies started to look for an alternative and they found the cross-platform development with React Native and from there this tool came into picture.

React Native is the framework that enables web developers to create strong mobile applications by using their JavaScript knowledge. It provides very fast development of phones and very efficient code sharing across iOS, Android and the Web without sacrificing the end user experience or application quality.

React native can provide you many solutions that other frameworks can’t afford. The reason why the development of react native framework has gained popularity in recent years is that the framework helps cater both the platform at one go and ends the hot war of selecting either iOS or Android Development for mobile developers. Because of this, giant companies like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Airbnb ,Tesla, Walmart, Baidu Mobile, Bloomberg and many more have put their eyes towards it. The development of React Native gives this company tremendous success. Moreover, using the React Native framework fills the gap between focusing on the wider marketplace and making the profit.