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Selenium Course Content :

Introduction On Selenium Tools

Selenium IDE

1) Install IDE And Sample Application
2) Explain Different Types Of URL
3) Record & Play Back In IDE And Explain All Options
4) Export TC To Java / TestNG / RC
5) How To Write Code In IDE
6) Insert New Commend / Comment
7) Insert Break Point And Sep Execution And Single Line Execution
8) Explain Element Locators & Basic Selenium Commands
9) Example On Copy Xpath , DOM And CSS
10) Selenium Commands
11) Example On AssignID And CaptureScreenShot
12) Explain Waiting Commands And Verify/ Assert Commands
13) Use Full Selenium Tools
14) Example On Wait For Title , Show All Available Commands , Verify/Assert Title , Verify/Assert Text .
15) Storing Commands Example
16) How To Handle Alerts
17) Work With Drop Downs
18) Work With WebTables
19) Work With Conditions
20) Regular Expression

Selenium Core

1) How To install Selenium Core
2) How To Run Test Suite in selenium Core

Core Java

1) Download And Install Eclipse
2) Create Work Space , Project , Class
3) Access Modifiers And Example On Class
4) Data Types And Variables
5) Constructors
6) Static Variables
7) Examples On If , If Else , Else If , Nested If , While , Do While , For , For Each
8) Example To Accept Input
9) Example On Break , Continue And Switch Case
10) Different Types Of Inheritance With Examples
11) Polymorphism ( Method Over Loading And Method Over Riding )
12) Encapsulation
13) Abstraction
14) Exception Handling

Selenium RC

1) Install Selenium RC And Example Program
2) How To Change Port With Using Program
3) How To Change Port With Using Command Prompt
4) How To Run Server From Command Prompt
5) Example On Get Title , Is Text Present……

Selenium Web Driver

1) Webdriver Download And Insatll And Example Program
2) Log Info With Using Web Driver Program
3) Work with Chrome driver
4) Work with IE driver
5) Work with HTML Unit driver
6) How To Work With Pop Ups
7) Work With Web Tables
8) How To Read Data From Excel Sheet
9) How To Complete Read Data From Excel Sheet
10) How To Read Data From MS Access
11) How To Read Data From SQL Server
12) How To Run Same Script In Multiple Browsers
13) How To Open Multiple Applications In Multiple Browsers
14) Frame work ( Modular driven FW )
15) Key Word Driven FW And Hybrid FW


1) Download And Install TestNG
2) Basic Program On TestNG
3) Example With 1 Failure Test & 1Skip Test While Running 2 Tests In TestNG
4) Example With Annotations And Priority
5) Example On WebDriver With TestNG
6) DDT With Using Excel Sheet

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