pes university electrical and electronics direct admission

PES University Electrical and Electronics Direct Admission

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About PES University [PESU]
PES University, located in Bangalore, India is one of the country’s leading teaching and research universities. The University is committed to providing “education for the real world” that inspires students to realize their potential. Our students graduate with the ability to adapt to an intellectually and technologically changing environment. Over the years, we have accomplished this with the participative efforts of the management, staff, students and parents.

Founder’s Vision
We realize that our students represent the future of our society and we take our responsibility seriously. We ensure that the rock-solid foundation we help them build here – both, in terms of skills and values – will stand them in good stead no matter which career they choose.

PESIT or PES University – Which is Better?
Frequently students asked which one is better PESIT or PESU? Comparison between this two degree would be little difficult as both are under PES group, one of the oldest and branded group in Karnataka. Now follow some advantages:
1. PESIT VTU degree (PESIT South Campus): PESIT south campus become an University from this year 2018.
2. PES University (Old campus): PES University established in the year of 1972. It’s an old campus but new University, located in Electronics city, Bangalore. After deep focus on PES University, observe slight different from PESIT education, rules and regulation. This university is more advance and much updated as per current techniques. Current update: Students said PES University is better than PESIT.
• PES University is an autonomous college
• Offer B.Tech degree
• Excellent campus placement
• Fees is quite high than others
• College offer money for projects
• Always look forward to new things and keep experimenting till end
• Placement preparation

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Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Students of electrical and electronics engineering are offered both theoretical and practical knowledge in a wide variety of subjects, including devices, power electronics, control theory; signal processing.

The broardfield deals with the science and technology involving electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism, to design, construct, and maintain products, services, and information systems. The department offers courses in traditional areas like generation, transmission and distribution of electricity as well as new age applications in electronics ranging from telecommunication to computers, nano-technologies and microcontrollers.

Vibrant Learning Experiences
Students of the department have scored exceptionally well in GATE and GRE and have chosen to pursue their further studies in leading institutions in India and universities abroad. The department also sees leading companies opting for campus recruitment every year. Some students have chosen to start a new venture and have succeeded in growing the business.

The students of the department have won prizes in the field in the field of software and app development in prestigious bootstraps by the likes of Google and Facebook. The association with IEEE, ISRE, ISTE, SSI, IEI , IET, ACM and ACCS enables participation in tech intensive events on the campus.

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