Launch of “Vidya-Daan”, a program to enable teaching and learning for classes VI to X.

Launch of “Vidya-Daan”, a program to enable teaching and learning for classes VI to X.

CBSE has been doing many reforms to make education competency based as well as a personalized experience for all students to the extent possible. The Board advocated introduction of Experiential Learning as mandatory pedagogy from 2019-20 onwards to promote critical thinking, creativity and effective study skills among students. The Board also adopted the learning outcomes developed by NCERT for classes’ I-VIII and encouraged schools to direct their teaching-learning in the desired manner.

In the above context, the thought of sharing some content resources gained currency and CBSE conceptualized “Vidya-Daan”, a program based on sourcing of content from teachers and meant to synergize countrywide developments by providing schools and teachers from the Metro cities to the smallest villages with good quality e-content that can be used by them anytime, anywhere at no cost. The aim of this program is to empower each school, teacher, and student by providing an ease of learning. Teachers will have a space to share their best practices and e-content with the entire nation. To know more, watch brief film at link

As a part of “Vidya-Daan”, several CBSE schools prepared and “donated” their content to CBSE for putting on public domain for the larger good of school education. Initially, the Board has curated e-content from some CBSE Schools and pooled it for classes VI to X for English, Hindi, Math, Science, and Social Science subjects. The content has been systematically organized as per NCERT syllabus for the above mentioned classes and subjects. Each chapter contains the following types of content resources to aid learning:

1. Learning Outcomes: To help teachers understand the learning objectives of the lesson
2. Focus Spots: Highlighting some of the key concepts within a chapter
3. Lesson Plans: Enable teachers to plan the flow of their classes
4. Explanation content: To help students understand concepts better
5. Question Bank: Sets of question and answers to enable more practice in schools and at home
6. PDFs of NCERT textbooks
7. Marking Scheme Rubrics for all subjects (only for class X)
8. Experiential Content*: Activity based learning and application of concepts
9. Curiosity Questions*: Create curiosity amongst the students before beginning a topic

*These two learning resources are evolving in nature and therefore, not all the chapters of NCERT textbook may have a content piece on them.

To continue the “Vidya-Daan” movement, schools are requested to consider preparing and donating content for this e-platform by contacting their respective CBSE Centres of Excellence. Curated e-content will be accepted only through Principal / Head of school. A separate and more detailed circular shall be issued in this regard shortly. It may be noted that CBSE will acknowledge all accepted content by giving appropriate recognition.

CBSE believes this program shall mark the beginning of a journey where schools, teachers and other relevant stakeholders will participate continuously to enrich and improve content, which will benefit the entire nation.

A detailed know how sheet is enclosed as Annexure with this circular to make the best use of the portal.