Best Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

DICC is offering the Digital Marketing Course at affordable price. The course can be pursued by anyone and everyone, even without any technical knowledge. The course covers all the basics and is taught with live examples for better understanding of the subject.
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Digital Marketing PRO is a well designed course and covers all the latest trends and techniques. Mr. Mohsin Mehfooz a well qualified marketing expert explains it in very descriptive manner making the course easier to understand and practice. He has over 12 years of experience and he makes sure that all his students get good job according to their potential and desire.

DICC’s Digital Marketing PRO covers:
- Social Media Marketing (Paid)
- Social Media Marketing (Organic)
(Paid & Organic)
- Facebook (Paid & Organic)
- Twitter (Paid & Organic)
- Linkedin (Paid & Organic)
- Instagram (Paid & Organic)
- Email Marketing
- Automations Tools Setup
- Funnel setup
- LeadGen
- Email Free Templates
- Interview Question and more

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