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Secretarial Practice and Accounting (Theory) 2010 Question Paper For CBSE Class XII Exams

  1. Give four qualities of a Private Secretary. (2 Marks)
  2. Give any two important duties of a Personal Secretary to the Managing Director of a company. (2 Marks)
  3. Mention four main activities of daily routine of a Club Secretary. (2 Marks)
  4. Identify and illustrate the two areas of secretarial work of the Secretary of a Public School. (2 Marks)
  5. What are the objectives of preparing minutes of the proceedings of a Meeting? (2 Marks)
  6. What is meant by Bank Column Cash Book? (2 Marks)
  7. What are the duties of a Private Secretary as a Liaison Officer? (3 Marks)
  8. What are the secretarial responsibilities involving Accountancy work of a Club? (3 Marks)
  9. What is a General Meeting? Give the names of different types of such Meetings. (3 Marks)
  10. What is meant by a 'credit note'? Give a specimen of a 'credit note'. (3 Marks)
  11. What type of relationship should exist between private Secretary and other Employees in the organization? Explain. (4 Marks)
  12. Explain in brief the responsibilities of a Private Secretary : (4 Marks)

    (i) As an guardian of his office

    (ii) In administration matters of his office

  13. Explain the position of a Charitable Hospital's Secretary along with his duties. (4 Marks)
  14. Give any four suggestions with brief explanation for proper handling of Telephone calls. (4 Marks)
  15. Explain any two of the following : (4 Marks) (i) Quorum

    (ii) Agenda

    (iii) Voting by poll

    (iv) Casting - vote

  16. What is meant by Imp rest system of Petty Cash Book? What are its Advantages? (4 Marks)
  17. What physical facilities are required for convening and conducting meeting? Explain. (6 Marks)

    OR Distinguish between a Motion and Resolution. How are resolutions passed? Explain. (6 Marks)

  18. Prepare a Bank Column Cash Book from the following transactions: December,2009(6 Marks)


    1         Balance of cash in hand                               50,000
    1          Credit Balance of Bank                                10,000
    2          Wages paid to the employees                    15,000
    10        Cash sales of goods                                    75,000
    12        Cash deposited into Bank                       1, 00,000
    20        Goods purchased & cheque issued          50,000


    Prepare a Bank Reconciliation Statement of Mr. X from the following information’s:
    (6 Marks)

    1. Balance as per Cash Book on 31.1.2010                 1,25,000
    2. On 27.1.2010 cheques issued but not

                   Presented for payment till 31.1.2010                              6,000

    1. Chaques deposited on 28.1.2010 but not yet collected                                                                                 9,000
    2. Bank had paid Insurance Premium                                  5,000
    3. Bank charged for their services                                             300
    4. Direct deposited by a customer on 26.1.2010                8,000
    5. Interest on Investments collected by Bank                      2,000

Secretarial Practice and Accounting (Theory) 2010 Question Papers Class XII

CBSE 2010 Question Papers Class XII