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Political Science—2003 (Set I—Compartment Outside Delhi)

Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set I. D. B., 2003.

Q. 1. List any two kinds of justice.

Q. 2. Suggest any two measures which shall ensure enjoyment of liberty to an individual.

Q. 3. What do you understand by liberalism?

Q. 4. State any two welfare functions of a state?

Q. 6. State any two duties towards self.

Q. 7. What is meant by Universal Adult Franchise.

Q. 8. How does independence of Election Commission influence our democracy?

Q. 10. What do you understand by Planning?

Q. 11. “Equality is a pre-condition of enjoying liberty in a democratic set up. Comment.

Q. 14. Distinguish between constitutional Rights and Natural Rights.

Q. 17. Differentiate between General Election Mid Term Election, By-Election and Re-Poll.

Q. 18. Give any four suggestions for improving the electoral system in India.

Q. 20. Describe the composition and any two functions of the Planning Commission.

Q. 21. Discuss the main tenets of Gandhism. What is the relevance of Gandhism today?


What were the achievements of Fascism? Discuss.

Q. 22. Examine the role of political parties in a democratic set-up.


Define single party, Bi-Party and Multi party system. Explain the advantages of Bi-party system.

Q. 23. Evaluate the features of Indian Party System.


Describe the role of Opposition in India.

Q. 24. Examine the different patterns of violence In India.


Discuss the impact of Illiteracy on the working of democracy in India.

Q. 25. Evaluate the contribution of India in the United Nations.


Write a short essay or India’s efforts to implement human rights.

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