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CBSE Guess > Papers > Important Questions > Class XII > 2013 > Chemistry > I-Resistance,conductivity and Kohlrausch law (Numerical) By Mr. R. Srinivas Vasudevamurthy


Resistance,conductivity and Kohlrausch law (Numerical)

1. Resistance of a conductivity cell filled with 0.1M KCl is 100 ohm. If the resistance of the same cell filled with 0.02 M KCl is 520 ohm, calculate the conductivity and molar conductivity of 0.02 M KCl. Conductivity of the 0.1M KCl is 1.29 s/m.

2. Resistance of a column of 0.05 M NaOH solution of diameter 1 cm and length 50 cm is 5.55 x 103 ohm. Calculate the resistivity and molar conductivity of the solution.

3. Resistance of 0.01M CH3COOH solution is 2220 ohm. Cell constant is 0.366 cm-1. Calculate the degree of dissociation and dissociation of CH3COOH at this concentration. Given Ʌ0 HCl, NaCl, CH3COONa are 425,128 and 96 scm2 mole-1 respectively.

4. Ʌ0 Al2(SO4)3 is 858 scm2 mole-1. Find Ʌ0 of Al3+ if Ʌ0 of SO42- is 160 scm2 mole-1.


Submitted By : Mr. R. Srinivas Vasudevamurthy