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CBSE Important Questions

CBSE Guess > Papers > Important Questions > Class XII > 2008 > Chemistry > Chemistry By : Miss Vinita Pandya


Q. 1. Define activation energy of a reaction.

Q. 2. A cubic solid is made of two elements X and Y. Atoms Y are at the corners of the cube and X at the body centre. What is the formula of the compound?

Q. 3. State two main functions of carbohydrates in sugarcane.

Q. 4. Why is HF not stored in plain glass bottles?

Q. 5. State one use of acetonitrile.

Q. 6. What values of quantum number, m are permitted for an electron having angular quantum number, 1 = 2 ?

Q. 7. Which types of crystals exhibit piezoelectricity?

Q. 8. What is Tyndall effect?

Q. 9. How many effective sodium ions are located at the centres of faces of a unit cell in a sodium chloride crystal?

Q. 10. Name the first element of 3 d transition metal series.

Q. 11. What are inner transition metals?

Q. 12. State second law of thermodynamics.

Q. 13. Name a direct dye.

Q. 14. Sketch the zwitter ion form of amino acetic acid.

Q. 15. Mention an industrial product manufactured from methanal.

Q. 16. How does a fuel cell operate?

Q. 17. Mention two important uses of methanol.

Q. 18. What is the importance of amino acids to us?

Q. 19. Give an example of associated colloids.

Q. 20. Define order of a reaction.