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CBSE Important Questions

CBSE Guess > Papers > Important Questions > Class X > Geography > Geography (Mineral And Energy Resources) By ; Mr. Suryaveer Singh

Geography (Mineral And Energy Resources)

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Q. 1. Explain the main features of India’s mineral wealth resources. OR Name the mineral resources in which India is rich in and has deficiency. Name the mineral resources in which India earns foreign exchange and depend on the imports.

Q. 2. Write the two important uses of Manganese ore, coal, bauxite, lead, Uranium.

Q. 3. State the six main uses of Manganese ore and five states of India where it is produced (Maharashtra, A.P., Orissa, M.P., Karnataka.). Name the major country which is its buyer. (Japan)

Q. 4. Why conservation of minerals is essential for future economic growth? What are the objectives of conservation of minerals?

Q. 5. State ways of conserving minerals.

Q. 6. Describe in detail coal under the following heads:

  1. Distribution of coal in India.
  2. Demerits of Indian coal.
  3. Conservation of coal.
  4. Use of coal in economic development of India.

Q. 7. Name four types of coal. Name the mine and state from which lignite coal is obtained.

Q. 8. Name important oil-fields, two from western India and two from north-eastern India.

Q. 9. Explain why non-conventional sources of energy excel over other sources of energy?

Q. 10. Explain the need to develop wind energy and solar energy to solve the energy crisis in India.

Q. 11. Why solar energy is called as the energy of future? Why solar energy has high scope in India / Thar Desert.

Q. 12. Describe the measures provided by Energy Conservation Act, 2001 for efficient use of energy and its conservation.

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