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CBSE Important Questions

CBSE Guess > Papers > Important Questions > Class X > Geography > Geography (Forest And Water Resources) By ; Mr. Suryaveer Singh

Geography (Forest And Water Resources)

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Q. 10. How do forests play an important role in enhancing the quality of environment / preservation of ecosystem? Give four importances.

Q. 11. Name two states which have more than 60 percent of area covered by forests. Name two states which have less than 10 percent of area covered by forests.

Q. 12. Suggest two ways to conserve forests. How are they useful?


How people's participation in the conservation of forests important?

Q. 13. What are the objectives of National Forest Policy of 1998? Give its four main objectives.

Q. 14. Why is the construction of canals maximum in the Great Alluvial plains of India not in the peninsular parts?

Q. 15. Name the regions of tank/reservoirs irrigation facilities and reasons.

Q. 16. What are the uses of multipurpose river valley projects?

Q. 17. Name the states in which the net sown area under irrigation is maximum (75 percent). Name the state in which the net sown area under irrigation is less than 10 percent.

Q. 18. What are the reasons of growing scarcity of water in India?

Q. 19. Examine the need for water conservation measures and mention two water conservation techniques

Q. 20. What is meant by rainwater harvesting and give the main objectives of rainwater harvesting?

Q. 21. What points should be kept in mind for efficient management of water?


Explain six measures which can be adopted for the conservation of water.

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