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CBSE Important Questions

CBSE Guess > Papers > Important Questions > Class X > Geography > Geography (Agriculture) By ; Mr. Suryaveer Singh

Geography (Agriculture)

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Q. 1. Why in certain parts of India subsistence agriculture is still practiced? Give four reasons.

Q. 2. Distinguish between dry land farming and wet land farming.

Q. 3. Describe the causes of declining crop production in India and causes responsible for the low per hectare yield in the food and cash crops.

Q. 4. Name the two important staple foods crop of India. Why the major areas of production of one cereal are is different from other? Give two reasons with examples.

Q. 5. How Biotechnology is helping in meeting our food, fodder and fiber requirements?

Q. 6. Name the crop in which India’s world position is:

  1. First in both production and Export : Tea
  2. First in production only: Millets & Oilseeds
  3. Second in production: Rice, wheat, sugarcane, spices, fruits.

Describe the role of Animal Husbandry in solving the problems of rural India.

Q. 7. Describe any four reforms brought in Indian agriculture after independence.


Describe the technological inputs/ reforms introduced in India.


Describe the institutional reforms introduced in Indian agriculture to improve its conditions.

Q. 8. What steps India have to make in order to stand in the global competition?

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