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CBSE Important Questions

CBSE Guess > Papers > Important Questions > Class X > Science > Science (Control And Coordination) By Mr. Rituraj

Control And Coordination

  1. How is growth and movement in plant regulated.
  2. who performs the function of control and coordination plants? name all their types.
  3. what is tropism? Explain any 3 types of tropic movement ? how is it different from nastic movement.
  4. who performs the function of control and coordination plants? Mention their functions.
  5. what is photoperiodism ? mention the pigment involoved in the process.
  6. what are neurons ?
  7. what are sense organs ? mention the sense organs for
    1. light
    2. sound
    3. smell
  8. What are sensory neurons ? how are they different from motor neurons
  9. in a man what is the use of specific areas of brain?
  10. Which is the largest cell found in the body?
  11. Explain the structure of neurons?
  12. What is a nerve impulse?what is the role of axon and dendrites
  13. Write short notes on
    1. cranium
    2. meninges
    3. cerebrospinal fluid
  14. Wxplain the structure and function of cerebrum
  15. Name and write the function of 3 centres of hind brain
  16. Mention the parasympathetic and sympathetic action
    1. heart
    2. blood vessels
    3. eye
    4. bronchi
    5. gastric secretion
    6. urinary bladder
  17. Who introduced the term hormone ? who are called ductless glands and why?
  18. What are hormones? Mention their characterstics ?
  19. Name and mention the function of all the hormones secreted by the pituitary glands
  20. Name the hormone and mention their function
    1. thyroid gland
    2. adrenal gland
    3. parathyroid gland
  21. Name the gland which secrete digestive enzymes and mention its hormones and their functions
  22. Name the hormones secreted by the glands which produce gamete? Mention their functions