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The Indian gem and jewellery industry has entered the new millennium with great confidence. Employment opportunities for Gemmologists are increasing now a days, because jewellery sales are on the rise. A gemmologist / jewelery designer can begin by working with jewellery houses or work as a freelancer. There are lot of job opportunities mainly in the private sector export houses as well. Working full-time with firms or established designers requires the designer to conform to their standards and client profiles. However, if one is talented and designs one's own line of products, the chances of carving an individual niche are much higher provided they could satisfy market needs and continue to be creative at the same time.

There are many areas of specialisation in this field- gem grinders, gem polishers, gem assorters, engravers, jewellery setters, researchers and scientists.Related occupations could be of gem-cutters, hand engravers and watchmakers and repairers. There are also opportunities for setting up retail and trading units. Gemmologists can be engaged in making small gem sculptures, giving shapes to the Gemstones, exporting jewelry etc.

Indian gem cutters and craftsmen are held in high regard the world over. Further, the increasing numbers of affluent individuals, working women, double-income households and fashion-conscious men are expected to keep gems and jewellery sales strong.

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