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Exposure to detailed study and practical training in various fields adds to versatility of a company secretary. Company secretary has a great scope of employment in Private companies, consulting firms, financial institutions, banks, Department of company affairs and other regulatory bodies. A qualified company secretary is competent enough to take up wide range of responsibilities in legal, secretarial, finance, accounts, personnel and administrative departments of companies and are involved in major decisions such as formulating long and short term corporate policies and programmes. Their other responsibilities include incorporation, managing public issues, act as internal legal advisor and representative, process inter-corporate loans and investments, maintain company's records, take care of company's tax planning, tax management, tax returns, explore expansion opportunities, arrange collaborations, amalgamations, joint ventures within and outside India etc. They are required to understand relevant aspects of law, update themselves with the changes to ensure proper compliance of legislations. The job also involves arranging company meetings, collecting and compiling information and recording the decisions. Nowadays, they are even foraying in capital markets and financial services industry. Their assistance in administration, management, planning and general running of the company makes them the company's chief administrator.

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