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Letter 7 - Deteriorating Law & Order situation in the City

You are Mohammad Ali, residing in 1545, Nai Basti Delhi. Write a letter to the Director of Police, drawing his attention to the deteriorating law and order situation in the city.

1545-Nai Basti

5th January 2008

The Director of Police

Sub: Deteriorating law and order situation in the city.

I wish to bring to you kind attention towards the deteriorating law and order situation in the city. Many incidents of daylight thefts and killings have been reported during the recent days. It seems nobody is safe. The antisocial elements are also reported. Criminals take advantage due to these antisocial incidents. Terrorists are also wandering in the broad daylight. There are cases of chain snatching and even kidnapping. None of these criminals are arrested so far. It seems there is no law and order to control this kind of incidents. So I request you to look into this matter and take necessary action immediately.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely
Mohammad Ali