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Letter 4 - Arranging Special Coaching in English

You are Rohan Sharma, monitor of class X in Ramjas Sr Sec. School, Anand Parvat, New Delhi. Write l letter to your Principal Asking him to arrange for special coaching in English. Give reasons why you need this.

The Principal
Sr.Sec. School
Anand Parvat
New Delhi.

5th January 2008

Sub: Arranging special coaching in English.

I am the monitor of X ‘A’ class. On behalf of my class I have to make a request. Our teacher of English was bed-ridden and was on leave for a month. Our Pre-board exams are approaching and our syllabus is not yet complete. If he finishes the course in a hurry, we shall not understand the lessons fully.

We shall be highly obliged and thankful to you if you arrange extra coaching classes in English so that we get enough time to practise and learn our lessons fully.

Thanking you

Yours obediently
Rohan Sharma.