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Wildlife in Odisha

Posted on 2018-07-13 07:04:42 By Alternative Tours In Announcement

Wildlife in Odisha

The state of Odisha which constitutes a part of the Eastern ghat ranges of India has quiet a diversified topography consisting of hills , valleys, dense evergreen forests , scrub jungles , estuaries and man made forests.The forest area is approximately 30 % of its geographical areas. The diversified ecological riches and and environmental situation provide with excellent habitat for a very rich and diversified fauna.
Wildlife in Odisha is very rich and most cases exciting. Wildlife parks in Odisha are great source of attraction not only to Indian Tourists but from all over the globe.

The most frequently visited Wildlife parks of Odisha are the following :


Simlipal is located in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha.The park is considered to have 101 tigers as per last census in 2007 , over 55 species of mammals , 304 species of birds.The best way to see as much as possible would be to take a package tour which could take you to Barehpani waterfall (217 metres ) and Joranda falls (181 meters). Tourist resorts are there at Joranda , Barehipani and Chahala.