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Services Selection Board Interview Personal Coaching

Posted on 2009-10-24 06:10:47 By colonel jayavel chinna In Coaching Centres

Services Selection Board Interview Personal Coaching

We Train the Candidates to face the SSB Interview wiht Confidence
Defence Academy Congratulates
Successful candidates at the ssb interview
This week it is Kumar Varun ( 3rd attempt)
Last week it was Sanjay ( 1st attempt )

Cadet Kishore for his success at the Bhopal SSB ( Navy)
Amit Batra- For his success at Bangalore SSB ( Army)
Services Selection Board Interview for Naval Executive Entry

We have succeeded for the 72nd and 73rd time to prove to candidates, that we pinpoint their mistakes if any and make them qualify at the SSB Interviews. The case of cadet Kishore, and Cadet Batra is a typical case of a repeaters, they came to our academy, after having failed to qualify 3 times and 5 times at the SSB Interview. Cadet Amit Batra a 5 time NR candidate, now succeeded. He was coached by us through CDs, Books and On line.

Cadet Kishore:- “Sir, I do not know where I went wrong, I did my best, my friends in my group told me that I will surely get selected, but, the result is always “NR”. I am desperate to get into the Armed forces. Can you please help me?”

We did a thorough Debriefing of the candidate and took 07 days to, make him realize his mistakes and give him the necessary corrections
Amul Batra Sir,
I am B-tech student, currently working in Aeronautical Development Agency Bangalore. I got your SSB Preparation booklet few months ago and due to help and support provided by that booklet I was able to crack SSB interview after 5 unsuccessful attempts. Thank you for providing me help and support. I am going to Indian air force ssb next month so need some assistance from your side. I request you to kindly have a look at my PIQ form and answer few basic questions most of these were not asked to me earlier but I am expecting these this time .

Our Video Interview, Group testing, Group planning exercise has helped him his mistakes and the result is his success at the SSB Interview

Perhaps we are the only institute in India to adopt such method to individually monitor the progress of the candidate through hidden cameras and later project the same to the candidate, where by he learns his mistakes by viewing and hearing what exactly had happened.
Our Academy has specialized in turning NR into R

For more assistance and practical SSB Coaching:- Call
094437 20076- Or 022-2511398

Defence Academy, A-11, VOC Nagar,
ARMY HOUSE, Ganapathy Post,
Near Police Quarters Coimbatore – Pin code 641006, Tamil Nadu

Note: We sell CDs and Work book “The Art of Facing the SSB INTERIVEW “
Cost Rs.900/- (We give a feed back on your PIQ Free of Cost). 2 CDs and One work book will change your future. Send DD in favour of Lt.Col CS Jayavel, payable at COIMBATORE

Read- Digest- Follow – Succeed. –
Practically tried out over 100’s of candidates.
Or mail us at Or visit

AIM – ACT -- ACHIEVE (Success)

SSB Interview Success Work Shop five days course for repeaters

Five days to change your failure to success
With Food and Accommodation
Fees Rs. 3500 only

Convert Negative to positive

Colonel jayavel
094437 20076

Our Success Work Shop starts on every Saturday

Faculty to guide you to success
1. Psychologist: Dr. Saravanan ( Ph.D)
2. Interviewing Officer: Sugalesan ( IN)
3. Group TetstingOfficer:- Jayavel ( Army)

Our Next Course starts on 25 Oct , 01 Nov and 15 November
we provide
a) Coaching
b) Study Kit
c) Food
d) Accm
e) PABT Coaching
f) Out door prac training

colonel jayavel
at 094437 20076

We coach and you succeed

We pin point your mistakes
you can correct them and put your best foot forward.

Success comes to those who
put in
Right Effort at the Right Time and at the Right Place.

we offer you a RIGHT DIRECTION