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SAP BASIS Training | Online Training At MindMajix

Posted on 2018-02-01 05:28:37 By mia avery In Education & Learning

SAP BASIS Training | Online Training At MindMajix

What is SAP Basis?

SAP basis acts as an operating system or a platform for SAP applications to run. It supports the entire range of SAP applications.

SAP applications such as FI,CO,PP etc. can run and communicate with each other across different Operating systems and Databases with the help of BASIS.

Nowadays Basis is known as Netweaver.

Alias of BASIS is SAP Application Server Technology and alias of NetWeaver is SAP Web Application Server.

The differences between SAP Basis and SAP ABAP

While SAP Basis is SAP’s version of system administration, SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is one of the two primary programming languages that are used to develop SAP applications (the other is Java). ABAP programs run on an SAP NetWeaver ABAP application server.

In many organizations, the line between SAP Basis administrators and ABAP developers is blurry. Some Basis administrators know ABAP and it’s common for ABAP developers to know Basis. However, in most SAP organizations the competency areas of Basis and ABAP remain separate.

SAP Basis jobs

A number of specific jobs for SAP Basis professionals are available, with titles that include SAP Basis administrator, SAP Basis consultant, SAP Basis application support specialist, SAP Basis architect and SAP HANA Basis consultant. An organization that uses SAP products may have its own titles and responsibilities for SAP Basis jobs.

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