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Requirement of Accounting Expert at Srest Information Technology

Posted on 2009-08-03 12:07:54 By srest srest srest In Services

Requirement of Accounting Expert at Srest Information Technology

We are looking for creative, innovative, highly motivated, energetic team players specialized in accounting. BCOM Graduates with good Knowledge of Indian Accounting system. Knowledge of US accounting system a big plus.

Working with SRest means being a part of its quality-oriented and highly motivated team. It is challenging, but it’s also highly rewarding. High-quality in-house training with a competitive salary in accordance with their skills.


We offer complete web solutions. Everything one require for running a site is offered by us. Requirement capture, web development, hosting, domain registration, emails, internet marketing etc. We offer complete IT solution for small to big companies under one umbrella for all kind of technologies.
We stand for quality, security, scalability and customer service. In most customer with existing software/web we improved the code by 10-100 times.
We provide scalable and secure solutions at a fraction of cost. Stop the loss and embarrassment of being hacked.

URL: When quality and security matters
BCOM Graduates.
Good english.
Good at analysis and versatile
Demonstrated solid understanding of all kinds of accounts.
1-2 yrs of experience a big plus. Smart freshers are welcomed.
Hardworking and ready to take any challenges as presented
Dedicated and committed to deliver quality work under all circumstances

Will be responsible to making and maintaining company accounts.
Help IT developers and designers as System Analyst for Accounting, Payroll and Banking Packages
Remotely help the running of Srest USA branch office, with filing and other government required company filing requirements.
Help in testing of IT systems for US and our clients
Help maintain our client accounts. (Mostly web based using our accounting packages)
Provide account and commercial consulting to our clients
Provide timely report and follow all guidelines and standards.
Maintain the high standard which Srest stands for.

Willing to travel across India & Abroad
Willing to work in any client locations in India & Abroad

About Srest:
Quality is everything at Srest. We deliver only quality and secured products. So we need highly dedicated people which produce quality output under all circumstances. Everything we do should be done as if written in gold.

We are group of experts in IT/Software development, enterprise solutions, fixed bid projects and product development. We develop and create solutions, which are faster and more efficient. Visit the following URLs to know briefly about our offerings

** We are 100% technical lead company. Even our Marketing and HR personnel are highly technical.
** Srest management comprise of 66% IITians. On an average has over 10 years IT experience plus 10 year business experience.
** Overall Srest family has 33% IITians (Among the Highest in the industry).
** We don’t have multi-layer management withdrawing million rupees salary. Meaning here you earn a big chunk, you get a big chunk. Not the management eating your labor. Meaning compared to industry standards our salaries are higher and our rates are lower. We directly share huge part of profit with our associates,
** We don’t have architect withdrawing 10 times your salary and who are good in politics than architecturing solutions
** We invest more than 100% of our profit in R&D, employee and customer not in generating Share Holders immediate value.
** We give the right person the chance to be what he likes or want to do, rather than stuck in strict hirerchy or structure