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Posted on 2009-11-01 12:24:17 By anurag tyagi In Announcement


Year by year, it is becoming increasingly difficult to qualify IITJEE. A perfect plan and strategy, through proper guidance and channeling has now become imperative to pass this competitive examination.Physics is one of the important subject in any engineerig/medical entrance. ATC provides total solutions in the field of PHYSICS for any type of exam.

Now-a-days, with the rising level of competition, a wide range of study material is available from various sources in the form of correspondence or classroom courses, IIT guides and books by foreign and Indian authors for Physics. For most students this range of choice creates confusion. They try and get hold of all possible study materials and later feel frustrated and utterly disappointed. The best way to prepare is to select the study material only from a single source. A selection from the various courses is an important decision which can be an intelligent investment at this stage for future success.

ANURAG TYAGI CLASSES (ATC) is an organisation destined to orient students into correct path to achieve success. The organisation is run by a competitive staff comprising of Ex-IITians;. Our goal at ATC is to create an environment that inspires students to recognise and explore their own potentials and build up confidence in themselves.ATC was founded by Mr. ANURAG TYAGI on 19 march,2001.

The growing popularity of ATC is reflected by the fact that the number of students who approached ATC for admission exceeded 1000 for 2008-2009 session. But to maintain quality and to provide satisfaction to every student, we never go beyond our capacity. Actually, it was at ATC that for the first time (as far back as 2004) students were admitted through an admission test for IITJEE coaching.

Generally, the students who join regular classroom courses feel dissatisfied because of the lack of organised study material. To overcome this problem they run for notes of various correspondence courses. But there exists a lack of coherence between the classroom course and the study material acquired form other sources. therefore a unique proposition was introduced by ATC . We started providing extensive study material in the form of well-printed assignments prepared by our expert staff. As the students came prepared with the study material, more intense classroom sessions packed with more advanced problems, tips & shortcuts were possible.

we took another major step of expansion and introduced the correspondence course for IITJEE . Initially it was a great success among the Ghaziabad students. But, during the years, the fame of our course crossed the boundaries of Delhi and now our correspondence course is becoming popular all over India.

We provide extensive study material best in the country in the form of well printed assignments prepared by our teaching staff. While preparing these assignments, we have ensured that the approach is not bookish and the basics are presented in a straight-forward manner which is simple to understand.

Study matarial provided by ATC covers all typical problems and many other fresh problems based on the latest trends in IITJEE/AIEEE. The problems are related to the study material and the difficulty level is graduated regularly to match the student’s increasing ability.

At ATC, teaching is not merely a profession. It is a dedication to produce students who would surely succeed at JEE. Our teachers (all Ex-IITians) stress more on topics, which are most likely to be a part of forthcoming JEE.

Two years of arduous preparation culminates into only one day of examination at IITJEE. Many a times most students who are very well prepared for the exams do not perform upto their satisfaction during those hours. The reason for this lies in the fact that even well prepared students lack the Examination Hall temperament. Therefore to prepare students for the final exam, we at ATC provide a well planned scheme of mock examinations. These examinations are conducted in replica of real examination environment.