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how to write an ib maths/mathematics ia ee tutors help

Posted on 2014-02-21 02:59:17 By ashishibtutor In Education & Learning

how to write an ib maths/mathematics ia ee tutors help

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ib maths extended essay help -

An extended essay in mathematics provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate an appreciation of any aspect of the subject, whether it is:

the applicability of mathematics to solve both real and abstract problems
the beauty of mathematics as in, for instance, geometry or fractal theory
the elegance of mathematics in the proving of theorems as in, for example, number theory
the origin and subsequent development of a branch of mathematics over a period of time, measured in tens, hundreds or thousands of years
the links between different branches of mathematics and the powerful structures that enable many seemingly different problems to be solved by a single theory
the way that a branch of mathematics has been born, or has flourished, as a result of technology.

These are just some of the many different ways that mathematics can be enjoyable or useful, or, as in many cases, both.
Choice of topic

The extended essay may be written on any topic that has a mathematical focus and it need not be confined to the theory of mathematics itself.

Students may choose mathematical topics from fields such as engineering, the sciences or the social sciences, as well as from mathematics itself. Statistical analyses of experimental results taken from other subject areas are also acceptable, provided that they focus on the modelling process and discuss the limitations of the results; such essays should not include extensive non-mathematical detail. A topic selected from the history of mathematics may also be appropriate, provided that a clear line of mathematical development is demonstrated. Concentration on the lives of, or personal rivalries between, mathematicians would be irrelevant and would not score highly on the assessment criteria.

It should be noted that the assessment criteria give credit for the nature of the investigation and for the extent that reasoned arguments are applied to an appropriate research question. Students should avoid choosing a topic that gives rise to a trivial research question or one that is not sufficiently focused to allow appropriate treatment within a suitably sized essay. Students will normally be expected either to extend their knowledge beyond that encountered in the Diploma Programme mathematics course they are studying, or to apply techniques used in their mathematics course to modelling in an appropriately chosen topic. However, it is very important to remember that it is an essay that is being written, not a research paper for a journal of advanced mathematics, and no result, however impressive, should be quoted without evidence of the student’s real understanding of it.