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dance worx Academy

Posted on 2009-02-28 04:34:59 By priya gonsalves In Hobbies & Interest

dance worx Academy

Dance Worx Academy
Contact : Priya Gonsalves -55136238

Put on your jumping jack shoes and do the jatkas n the matkas .
To the latest foot tapping
Bolly wood songs -for Kids and Adults

 Let’s get fit and burn the fat while we Dance and workout to the peppy Bollywood songs.
So all u ladies looking for this opportunity.
Fees for adults – /12 sessions a month

 Let loose those hips, wear Ur High heel shoes n get ready to sway with me –
Priya Gonsalves.

Learn the basic of Salsa(couples only) in just 1 month /8 sessions for Kd 50per couple n feel the magic.