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There are variety of courses available at APEX INSTITUTE for competitive as well as for School / Board Examinations to fulfill every student’s need, but however if a student is not able to join a course at APEX INSTITUTE due to one or another reason. Then he/she can join the APEX INSTITUTE Test Series of a Course suitable to him/her at nominal fee. On joining a Test Series he/she can appear in all Tests of that course along with the Regular Students of APEX INSTITUTE of the same course. On Joining a Test Series a schedule of the Test Series will be provided to student in which he/she can find the dates and syllabus of all the Tests of Corresponding Test Series.


We conduct various Test series in following two zone
1. Junior Test Series - For Class 8th, 9th & 10th (Pre-Foundation, Grooming & Direction) for CBSE Student.
2. Senior Test Series –For Class 11th, 12th & 12th passed Students. [for Motion / Achievers / Rankers/Crash Course & School Plus Courses ]

Junior Test Series
At APEX INSTITUTE we conduct a Test series for the students of Direction Course (X Class) , Grooming(IX Class) and Pre-Foundation Course (VIII Class) Courses in English & Hindi Medium. The idea laid in the test series is just to check the performance of a student at each and every level. and to know the areas of a subject in which a student has to do work hard. Moreover by the test series. Parents are also able to know the progress of their ward, & by this way students can feel confidence to prepare themselves for Real examinations & can show the excellence at School / Board exams.

The test series for Courses consists of two types test pattern.
1. SPT Test series (School pattern type)
2. OPT Test series (objective pattern type)

SPT and OPT tests will be conducted in alternate week
Tests will be conducted on every weekend

SPT Test series
This test series is exactly as Summative Assessment (SA-1 & 2) of CCE pattern of CBSE pattern.
SPT test series has two levels
In this series after every two moderate level SPT Tests one High level SPT Test is be conducted.
Every Test in this series will be taken on Answer-Sheet The Pattern in this series. is exactly same as SA type of school / Board pattern
Test. Whether Moderate or High level, Each SPT Test Consists of two parts,
(i) Science & (ii) Mathematics. For every part Hrs will be given to students so every SPT test will be of 3 Hrs. Duration.
OPT – Test series
This test series is based exactly on Competitive examination pattern type, each Test in this series is objective type pattern & taken on OMR sheet, Which will be checked by a computer software. The Result will be displayed just within 15 min. After concluded the test.
The Tests of OPT pattern will be conducted at two levels.
1. Moderate level (M) & 2. High level (H)
High level OPT test will be conducted after every two moderate level OPT tests.
Every OPT test whether Moderate of high level , Will be of Hrs. And consists of 50 Objective type Questions in all 25 of science & 25 of maths. There is negative marking in OPT Test Series for wrong Answer.

Senior Test Series
For the Students studying in class XI/ XII or XII Passed we conduct following Three types of Test Series for Foundation / Fresher/Ranker and for School Plus Courses on the pattern of JEE-Mains & Advance/AIPMT & for School / Board examination of Class XI & XII (CBSE ) in English & Hindi Medium.
There are Three type of Test series in senior Test Zone as follow

Test Series:-This Test series is based upon the pattern of Board/ School Examinations. All test in this series are descriptive type exactly on the latest pattern of the Board Examination whether CBSE. In Test Series we conduct 8 Minor, 4 Major and 2 Revision Tests in each subject i.e. at least 14 tests in all in each subject (However More Test may be conducted as per requirement of the students).
IIT-Mains /AIPMT Test Series::- This Test series is based upon the latest pattern of JEE-Mains /AIPMT. Questions in this test series are Objective type (only single correct Type). The Tests in this series are taken on OMR sheet and checked by Computer software. Each test will be of 3 hrs consisting Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics / Biology. Test Series we conduct 10 Minor, 3 Major and 5 Grand (Full syllabus) Tests i.e. at least 16 Tests in all.
IIT-Advance Test Series: : This Test series is based upon the latest pattern of JEE-Advance (old pattern of IIT-JEE). Questions in this test series are objective of all types (single correct Type, multiple Correct, Assertions-Reason, Paragraph Based, Matrix Matching & Integer Type). All Tests in Advance series are taken on OMR sheet and checked by Computer software. In Advance Test Series, we conduct 10 Minor, 3 Major and 3 Grand (full syllabus) Tests i.e. at least 16 tests in all. Each test will be 3 hrs consisting Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics.

Salient Features
i) Result (Marks & Rank) of all Test series are informed to parents via SMS. The results are also be uploaded on web site
Where parents and students can login and check the result.
(ii) After each Test an analysis sessions will also be conducted for the students as a doubt removal session in which full and detailed solution
and Test analysis of each Test will be conducted after each Test by our experts Faculties.
(iii) Student can know their performance in the Test, level of preparation & their gray areas in which they have to work hard.

To Join a Test Series, a Student has to Choose the course. Then he/she will be eligible to take all type of Test series of that course.
First a student has to select the course of which he/she want to join the Test Series because it will be not possible that one can opt only
Partial test series (for eg. one can not opt only for a CBT test series) of a particular course. As Test series is available only course wise & available only as a. package.

Fee of Test Series

Fee for a Test Series of any course is only 20% of the (tuition fee of the course + S.T.) and has to pay in one installment at the time of joining.
However if a student joins A test series later when some Tests have been conducted already. Then he/she will be given the old Test paper along with solution without any deduction in the fee.
No concession will be given in the fee of the Test series. And No request will be entertained in this regard

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