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CircleDeArt - Childrens Painting, Drawing & Photography Contest 2014

Posted on 2014-02-10 05:53:23 By Gurven Ulati In Hobbies & Interest

CircleDeArt - Childrens Painting, Drawing & Photography Contest 2014

We at Galerie Art Eterne are dedicated in bringing out the creative explosions running within a child’s untapped mind.

About Contest

Our mission is to promote the healthy, physical, educational, creative, social, and emotional growth of children in a format that is engaging, stimulating, and entertaining at each stage of development.

We aim to encourage creativity and art in children of all ages through a variety of subjects and media (such as oils, pastels, markers, coloured pencils and photography) to help them express their own individuality.

General Rules

• All contestants will be juried on their original style and artistic value.

• Please remember that once the painting/drawing/photography are submitted they will not be returned and will be the property of Galerie Art Eterne.

• All entries must be original and authentic.

• Please do not forget to include your name, age, art teacher�s name, school address and title of the entry behind the artwork.

• The competition is open for all children between 4 till 18 years of age. Divided into 3 age group categories -

Which are:

a) 4 to 8 years
b) 9 to 12 years
c) 13 to 18 years


• Ray of Sunshine Award (all 3 categories)

• Art-e-fact Award (all 3 categories)

• Wizz Artist Award (all 3 categories)

• & 100 Rainbow Ribbon Awards

• Certificates of Merit to deserving entries.

• Those entries which comes on or before February 9th 2014 are eligible for 20 Creative Kids Award apart from regular award.

• CircleDeArt award will be awarded for Teacher & School who sends more than 100 entries.

Results will be announced in May 2014. Award winners will be informed individually by post/email.

The best entries will be published on our website.

For More Detals We request you to visit us on